Battery Kit for Suunto D9 Dive Computer Receiver & Transmitter (Complete)

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Battery Kit for Suunto D9 Dive Computer – Fits Receiver and Transmitter, Complete.

This kit includes the following factory approved parts:

For the Suunto D9 Dive Computer,  New Sony 3V lithium battery and factory approved o ring.

For the Transmitter, New Varta 3V CR 1/2 AA lithium battery. HP port o ring, transmitter cover o ring and silicone lube.
Brand new and guaranteed to meet all factory specifications.
Use by 2025

Includes everything you will need to change the battery in your Suunto D9 dive computer, both receiver and transmitter. This kit includes the replacement lithium batteries you need, and the o rings for the receiver and transmitter and also includes a packet of silicone o-ring lubricant.

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