Oceanic Atom, OC1, OCi, VT & Datamask HUD Wireless Transmitter Battery Kit



New replacement battery kit, save over 50% on retail
Fits Atom 1 and 2 also VT, VT3 and VT Pro transmitters
Fits OC1, OCi & DataMask HUD transmitters

New 3V CR2 battery, rubber o ring for the transmitter and silicone lube.

Includes everything you need to change the battery in your Oceanic Transmitter. Contained within the kit is a replacement lithium battery, the o ring you will need to seal the transmitter, and o ring lubricant. Battery kit is for transmitter only.

Brand new and guaranteed to meet all factory specifications.

Benefits of this item:

  • Meets factory specifications
  • Protects your valuable investment
  • Great Save-A-Dive kit item

Don’t let your trip to paradise be effected because your dive computer ran out of juice. Always carry a spare.