Silicone Grease 2.0 oz. Jar


  • Increases Life of Rubber Products
  • Great for O-Ring Seals
  • Conditions and Permeates Rubber Surfaces
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item

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If you dive you need to have silicone grease in your Save-A-Dive Kit. Silicone Grease permeates the surface and engages the material in an in-depth conditioning cycle that lasts for several weeks until more is applied. The product conditions most rubber items and is used in a flexible gasket capacity to seal items such as O-rings against their housings, without cracking or splitting the rubber.

Used by underwater photographers for their camera housings and divers that dive with lights computers, metal detectors, or any accessory items that has O-Ring seals. Great alternative and less expensive lubricant if only diving air, silicone grease will do the job, keep O-Rings and gasket seals supple and flexible so they can perform protective sealing of your equipment . Two ounce re-sealable container will give you years of service.

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