Time May Be Running Out: US Navy Helping in Deep Sea Search for MH370


Time may be running out in the search for the missing Malaysian flight MH370 and the U.S. Navy is stepping up operations in assisting the world in locating the missing airliner.

The U.S. Navy is deploying the¬†Towed Pinger Locator or TPL-25 to this remote southern part of the Indian Ocean. It is a 29kg system which “meets the Navy’s requirement for locating emergency relocation pingers on downed Navy and commercial aircraft down to a maximum depth of 20,000 feet anywhere in the world”, according to info on the official Navy website. Its being deployed¬†to the region in an increased effort to locate the faint pains that the black box should be emitting.

The battery in the black box is designed to send these locating pings for 30 days. Being that the airliner disappeared 23 days ago time is running out to detect the signal.

This area of open ocean is especially difficult to search because of its remoteness. Also with the lack of landmass which normally slows down the swirling waters of the globe debris can easily drift vast distances.

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