Replacing Your Suunto Cobra Battery

Its important to do each battery change in a clean, well lit area and that the battery change is done correctly to ensure the device continues to operate properly.

When you change the battery the Cobra will reset all of its nitrogen and oxygen uptake data. So ensure your time to fly data is zero.

Your work area should be kept clean. This is key, as a tiny piece of dust can cause your device to leak. Best of all, changing your Suunto Cobra Battery is easy!
And imagine this scenario…  You arrive at your destination, you set up your SCUBA equipment for the first dive of your vacation in Saint Somewhere, as you press the activation button on your dive computer it goes through the diagnostic screen and what do you see the “Low Batt” Icon appears.

The worst thing that can happen on a tropical vacation has just happened, No Dive Computer.

Don’t leave on a vacation without a spare battery kit, why ruin a great holiday because of a few dollars in batteries. If you’re planning a Dive Vacation this is a must for your Save-a-Dive Kit. Avoid Island prices. We have Suunto Cobra Battery Kits for sale

  • Always refer to the manual if you have any other questions on battery installation.