Rare Footage: California Diver Interacts with Octopus

Last month David Malvestuto, 34, and Warren Murray, 56, went diving off Bluefish Cove in Carmel, Calif., They had a rare encounter with an octopus who tried to steal their camera equipment!
This kind of encounter is rare because octopus generally avoid humans or are just not interested in them. The divers captured this  event for all the world to see. We think the famous author of 20,000 leagues under the sea, Jules Verne, would be very envious of these guys! Check it out!

SEE IT: California scuba divers interact with octopus who tries to take cameraThe first rule of David Malvestuto and Warren Murray’s scuba diving group is if you don’t get it on tape it didn’t happen. So when Murray got into a tussle with an eight-armed opponent over his camera, he knew he wouldn’t let it go. Or else no one would believe him.

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